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Madiha Khan mua

Madiha Khan Mua is a United Kingdom based Pakistani native makeup artist and hair stylist congnizant of celebrity makeover howtos and approximations. Khan is towering for her niche in Asian bridal refashioning. Many iconic oodles likewise Reham Khan, Faryal Makhdom, Saira Shehroze, Sara Khan, Sunia Hussain, Sana Fakhar and Sadaf Kanwal underwent tectile discernment about her bespoke skills. She has also covered highly prestigious shows like PFW London 2012, 2016 and IIPA Awards London held in 2017 and 2018. The Diva is mentor as well and has been transferring her skills through physical class and online. The maestro began her makeup ventures from hobby to professional level 10 years back in Bristol, UK. She illuminates her journey that she is self taught artist who always has great sense of creativity and inventiveness . She loves to play with eyeshadow, glitters and introduces new approaches and techniques in makeover. She got her breakthrough in makeup industry by social media when she started her live makeup tutorial on Facebook which fetched world wide appreciation and recognition. She is famous for transforming Englands Gories into traditional Asian brides during her live sessions. She has great viewership of this kind of fusion and experiments.

The Clientele

Her bridal campaigns are spectacular and conspicuous which are always the talk of the town that gains thousands of views and likes within hours on Instagram and Facebook. Bridal campaigns reflect an artist’s work and Madiha Khan’s each bridal campaign is the masterpiece, practicing beauty with impeccable makeup, complimenting with alluring bridal dresses and bedazzle locations. She is among the artists who are always crazy busy with bridal/wedding campaigns.

She is equally well known not only in England but also in Pakistan India, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Khan travels all over the globe to cater clients’ requirements to make their big days more special. Her extensive national and international tour for makeup classes narrates her passion and zeal. She conducted classes in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Hyderabad While the International tours list is more immense comprising Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar.


 Madiha Khan mua said she is a workaholic she thinks life is stagnant and dead if she doesn’t work for even one day. During Covid, she had to cancel her international tours but things are normalizing now and she is crazy busy with her due appointments and bridal campaigns.

She is planning to open her saloon in Pakistan probably in Lahore city, this year which not only will bestow the best beauty services but will also provide great opportunities for her students to work with her. Recently she launched her outshine makeup products line being highly appreciated by consumers.


Her students find her the best Mentor as she never hides any techniques and secret products from her students which is why they adore her.

The philosophy of  Madiha Khan mua is not only to empower women through makeup skills but also find their own inner diva through experimenting colors and new trends.She thinks new experiments and fusion of eastern and western tequniques make her work eminent and esteemed in her field.

Transform Your Beauty with Madiha Khan MUA 

Transform Your Beauty with Madiha Khan MUA” is an enchanting journey into the world of makeup artistry. As a gifted and experienced makeup artist, Madiha Khan has the ability to bring out your natural beauty and create stunning looks. She effortlessly highlights your best features using her refined techniques, giving you a radiant and self-assured appearance. Whether it’s a glamorous evening look or a fresh and natural daytime appearance, Madiha Khan MUA has the magic touch to transform your beauty and make you shine.